Alternative Flooring Ideas

Rubber flooring is very versatile and comes in many looks, colors and styles giving the decorator much latitude in designing the decor.

Whether your plans are to update the kitchen for a more modern look or just deciding you would like your living room to be more sophisticated with the selection of a wood grain pattern – the sky is the limit.concerning the selection of rubber flooring. Commercial flooring contractors offer many alternatives to standard flooring.

The basement really benefits from rubber flooring as it provides a shock-resistant surface that children can play on without worrying about their running around and getting hurt. Cushioned floors provide a tremendous benefit as far as providing a shatter protection.

The decorating options span from bright colors to the darkest of colors. Another attribute of rubber flooring is that it is very affordable, lead/latex free and non-toxic making it completely child safe.

It is important that the sub floor over the underfloor heating never get over 80 degrees F. once the flooring is in place.

Rubber flooring is easy care and is one thing that makes it so popular with people with or planning families.

Once your friends and neighbors see your modern, cutting edge flooring they will surely want to follow suit and enjoy this modern solution to comfort
in flooring at a reasonable, affordable price while being some of the most attractive floor covering on the market.

Floor covering contractors in South Jersey offer hardwood flooring installation, stone flooring, epoxy flooring and a multitude of many other options for both homeowners and commercial spaces. also offers free estimates for the home and office.

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Best Flooring Choices for A Home With Pets

Pets are as hard on flooring as people and maybe even harder.

Carpet is probably one of the most cost effective of the floor coverings as it’s relatively inexpensive in comparison with other floor coverings to install. It is also one of the easiest to stain. Pets’ claws can play havoc getting caught in the pile of the carpet so, if you plan to use this as your floor covering, get the lowest pile available and with no loops. Urine stains can cause damage that only replacement can fix.

Vinyl flooring is a good possibility as it walks quietly, is easy to clean and is not easily scratched.

Bamboo is the hardest of even the hardwood flooring and won’t wear out. It’s great for high traffic areas and the environment as well. Bamboo is a super good choice for the flooring of people with pets.

Laminate flooring is another good choice of flooring for a home with pets as it is harder than traditional hardwood floors and it doesn’t scratch easily. There are even embossed or textured laminates that makes it easier for pets to walk on as, particularly, dogs slip and slide a lot.

These are a few flooring types you might want to consider if you have pets in the home. The money you will save on carpet cleaning services will eventually pay for your investment in new flooring.

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Determining Which Species of Hardwood Flooring is Right For Your Home

The choices in hardwood flooring materials has never been more diverse than it is today. When choosing the hardwood species for your flooring project, a few things should be considered. Different hardwoods vary in the degree of hardness. Certain speceis are more durable because they are the harder species. Another type of hardwood may , however , be easier to work with for certain projects because it is softer. For instance red and white oak is known to be much harder than cherry. Cherry hardwood, however is easier to nail and saw because it is a bit softer than the oak.

The photosensitivity of the hardwood is also to be considered when you are purchasing flooring. The wood develops a certain patina over the years and depending on the range of photosensitivity of the wood, may actually alter the color of the wood.

For instance, Cherry is known to develop a deeper richer look over the years and may appear to be much darker that when the flooring was initially installed. Some species of hardwood known for their more exotic colors of reds and yellows may actually develop a burnished red patina after several years. Knowing the character of your hardwood flooring will help determine the right flooring for your particular project. Be sure to check for New Jersey Flooring Coupons and Discounts before you make a purchase. Groupon has begun to offer discounts on services such as flooring installation and HVAC.

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